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Now Available:

Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness:

a history of the civil celebrant movement in Australia by Dally Messenger III.

Read how our wonderful profession came about.

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International College of Celebrancy

Certificate IV in Celebrancy Courses and Fees

Courses Commencing 2014

Certificate IV in Celebrancy Courses commencing in 2014:


Information night - Date to be confirmed.. Venue is the Disabled Motorist Association rooms, 2A Station Street, Coburg, Victoria. Right beside Moreland station and across the road from where the No.8 Moreland tram finishes.. Register your interest now and attend our comprehensive information evening.

Course concludes at the end of June.


Newtown: February commencement date to be confirmed. Register your interest now and attend our comprehensive information evening.


North Brisbane: February commencement date to be confirmed. Register your interest now and attend our comprehensive information evening.

The International College of Celebrancy courses, established in 1994, are the original courses of distance education packages for celebrants. This comprehensive course is presented in our face to face classes as well as by distance education. This is NOT an online course, it is practical and requires time and effort commitment from you. We are pleased to present the following curriculum for our Diploma and General courses as well as those of Nationally Recognised Training (approved by the Australian National Training Authority ANTA). We also conduct general courses that are particularly relevant to celebrants health and well-being, and are supportive of the skills of the celebrant.

Our courses form the basis for celebrancy courses presented by approved associate Educator Trainers such as Swinburne University, Wodonga TAFE, and Monash University.  Until recent changes to TAFE funding in Victoria, Victoria University was providing the ICC Certificate IV in Celebrancy course. Due to their commitment to the depth and integrity of this course, they are recommending this course to applicants for the 2013 year. 

Certificate IV in Celebrancy - Fees and Costs

Registration is a ONCE ONLY fee.
Paying for the Full Certificate IV in Celebrancy up front is

$250 Registration + $175 for each Unit = $2525 (Registration + 13 units)

Paying for a block of units

$250 Registration
+ 5 Compulsory @$185 for each unit (5 units) = $925
+ 4 Marriage Celebrant @$185 for each unit (4 units) = $740
+ 4 Funeral Celebrant @$185 for each unit (4 units) = $740

Pay as you go

$250 Registration+ $200 per unit = $450. Further unit cost $200 per additional unit.

Diploma Courses and Fees.

All Diploma courses attract a registration fee of $295.00. This is a once-off cost. Our modules cost $695, fees are below.

All Diplomas are based on the completion of various modules of study. Our base modules, 1 and 2 are compulsory for all Diplomas and we recommend they be studied first. There are 8 modules in total. Full descriptions of each module are located on Celebrant Diploma Courses page.

Module 1 - The History Nature and Development of Ceremoy
Module 2 - Public Speaking, Management and Choreography
Module 3 - Wedding Celebrancy in Practice
Module 4 - Funeral Celebrancy in Practice
Module 5 - General Celebrancy in Practice
Module 6 - Celebrancy as a Profession & Small Business
Module 7 - The History, Nature and Development of Secular Celebrancy
Module 8 - Values, Ideals and SpiritualityBadgeMC

Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy - Modules 1,2, and 3. The fee including registration is $2380.00.  Recognise our qualified celebrants who may be wearing this badge:

Diploma of Funeral Celebrancy - Modules 1, 2, and 4. The fee includinBadgeFCg registration is $2380.00  Qualified funeral celebrants may be wearing this badge:

Diploma of General Celebrancy - Modules 1,2, and 5. The fee including registration is $2380.00. 

For an Advanced Diploma in any of the above add Module 6 (additional $695.00) BadgeGDC

To obtain a Graduate Diploma of Celebrancy - Modules 1 to 8 for an inclusive fee of $5855.00. A celebrant who has obtained this qualification may be wearing this badge:

Certificates of Attainment are presented for all modules when successfully completed. Modules attract grades of Credit, Distinction and High Distinction.  Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas are presented at the College Graduation Ceremonies.

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